From Mexican Settlers to Mexican Birds of Passage

Relational Racial Formation, Citrus Labor, and Immigration Policy, 1914-1945

The Rise of the Anglo Fantasy Past

Mobility, Memory, and Racial Hierarchies in Inland Southern California, 1870-1900

"Del Fotingo Que Era Mio"

Mexican and Dust Bowl Drivers in Metropolitan Los Angeles, 1930-1945

On the Move and Fixed in Place

Japanese Immigrants in the Multiracial Citrus Belt, 1882-1920

From Citrus Belt to Inland Empire

Mobility vs. Retrenchment, 1954-1970

Chapter Breakdown

UCLA Newsroom

Professor tackles race, space and mobility in her first book

written by

Jessica Wolf | May 29, 2019

"Academic inspiration is often rooted in personal experiences.

Genevieve Carpio, assistant professor of Chicana and Chicano studies at UCLA, was spurred to write her first book by witnessing the injustice of sobriety checkpoints across inland Southern California in the 2000s."