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Orange Basket
Chapter 3

From Mexican Settlers to Mexican Birds of Passage

Relational Racial Formation, Citrus Labor, and Immigration Policy, 1914-1945

Residential Housing Complex
Chapter 1

The Rise of the Anglo Fantasy Past

Mobility, Memory, and Racial Hierarchies in Inland Southern California, 1870-1900

Los Angeles
Chapter 4

"Del Fotingo Que

Era Mio"

Mexican and Dust Bowl Drivers in Metropolitan Los Angeles, 1930-1945

Aerial View of a Suburb
Chapter 2

On the Move and

Fixed in Place

Japanese Immigrants in the Multiracial Citrus Belt, 1882-1920

Aerial View of Freeway
Chapter 5

From Citrus Belt to Inland Empire

Mobility vs. Retrenchment, 1954-1970


Selected Press

Genevieve Carpio.jpg

UC Press Blog

Author Spotlight: Interview with Owens Book Award Winner Genevieve Carpio, author of Collisions at the Crossroads

"My hope is that Collisions at the Crossroads provides an example of how place-based and mobility-based research can spark new insights into race-making, especially how it unfolds over the 20th century. The spatial-turn and place-based studies were so important to me in graduate school. I see similar potential in mobility (or mobilities) based research. I hope that my book contributes to this exchange."

Collisions at the Crossroads Author Interview
New Books NetworkCollisions at the Crossroads: How Place and Mobility Make Race
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